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9 Best Ironing Board Covers for 2024: Press with Confidence

Ironing boards and covers are household essentials. We use them multiple times a week, if not every day. So, it’s a must to choose the best cover for your ironing board in order to make the experience a little more, shall we say, tolerable! 

If you’re struggling to get your outfits smooth and wrinkle-free because of that old, rickety ironing board cover, the good news is we’re here to help you pick out a new cover that’ll tackle those stubborn wrinkles.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ironing board covers on the market, and trust us, they’ll make your ironing time easy and hassle-free.

If you already have an excellent ironing board and iron, pairing them with one of these awesome covers will take your ironing game to a whole new level.

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Summary of the Best Ironing Board Covers

Best Overall: Bartnelli Ironing Board and Pad

About this product:

  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable fastener
  • Affordable price

Best sustainable option: Balffor Eco-Friendly Ironing Board Cover

1. Bartnelli Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Top of the list and the most popular choice as the best ironing board cover is the Bartnelli Ironing Board Cover and Pad. 

Bartnelli is a trusted Italian brand in the home and kitchen industry. But let’s talk about their ironing board cover and pad — they’re absolutely fantastic. 

Known for their durability and heat-resistant properties, they’ll stay with you for years, saving you bucks from constant replacements.

But that’s not all.

The Bartnelli ironing board cover and pad boast a patented turbo zone technology. This feat allows faster ironing without compromising the smooth and wrinkle-free results we all adore.

It’s easy to install, too! 


  • Patent park zone and turbo zone
  • Elastic edges with adjustable fastener
  • Scorch-resistant thick cotton top layer
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Specific sizing may not fit all ironing boards


The Bartnelli ironing cover and pad cost $16.99. Bartnelli Warranty covers every product you purchase, providing two or more years of guaranteed warranty.

2. TIVIT Aluminum and Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

TIVIT, like Bartnelli, is another Italian product offering top-notch home goods with over 40 years of experience. And they’re ironing board covers will definitely level up your ironing game.

This ironing board cover from TIVIT flaunts an aluminum and silicone-coated surface, which ensures quick, wrinkle-free ironing.

Sounds incredible, right? That’s only the tip.

The cover itself has an astonishingly thick three-layered padding. This padding includes TIVIT’s protective Alumtek blanket overlay, an inner foam layer, and a felt padded layer on the bottom.


  • Easy to adjust bungee cord fastener
  • Available in 14 different sizes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Burn, heat, and stain resistant material


  • May not fit all shapes as advertised
  • More expensive than most covers


TIVIT’s ironing board cover comes in at $38.99 at the writing of this article. And the manufacturer offers a full two-year warranty for customers.

3. Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Size B

Do you have one of those steam generator irons? Then, you may be looking for a good cover to withstand the constant moisture and high temperatures. 

If this is your case, the Brabantia size B ironing board is an excellent pick for you.

This ironing-board cover is a testament to Brabantia’s long-standing reputation and experience. It’s hundred percent unbleached cotton, which ensures excellent performance for regular and steam-ironing settings.

The cover features a resilient two-millimeter thick foam pad for comfortable and smooth gliding. It’s also crease-resistant, providing better results for wrinkle-free outfits!


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Perfect for steam ironing
  • Includes a cord fastener and Stretch System
  • Available in many designs and color
  • Heat reflecting outer layer


  • It may need additional padding underneath


You can purchase the Brabantia Size B Ironing Board at $18.75 with a two-year warranty. The separate foam felt padding costs $22.23.

4. Whitmor Reversible Ironing Cover and Pad

For 70 years, Whitmor has been providing affordable yet high-quality products. So you can’t go wrong with choosing this brand as your ironing assistant.

The Whitmor ironing board cover has a remarkably thick fiber pad. It comes with a protective layer that prevents scorching and staining as well.

Do you own an ironing board with a blunt nose? Or do you have the rounded or tapered type? The Whitmor is a great choice for you. Slap this cover on and glide your outfits to perfection!


  • Special dual nose pocket for quick installation
  • Snug fit with secure velcro straps and barrel locks
  • Flexible sizing to fit most ironing boards
  • Five years warranty


  • Sizing can be too tight for larger ironing boards
  • Unsuitable for steam ironing


Whitmor’s Reversible Ironing Cover and Pad is a budget option product that performs double its price. You can purchase it for $17.99 at any retailer.

5. Hold N’ Storage Ironing Board Cover and Padding

If you consider yourself a heavy user, you’ll need a heavy-duty ironing board and cover to suit your routine. And let us tell you, Hold N’ Storage covers are the definition of heavy duty.

So, what makes this ironing cover extraordinary?

To start, the smooth surface of the iron board cover is a hundred percent cotton. And the silicone coating material aids with distributing heat, resisting burning and heat stains.

But what makes Hold N’ Storage Ironing Board Cover incredibly durable is its premium thick padding material. It won’t wear or tear easily despite heavy abuse!


  • Flexible sizing to fit large and standard-sized ironing boards
  • Secure fit with elastic edges and straps
  • Heavy duty built to last a long time
  • Silicone coating top for smooth gliding and heat dissipation
  • Elegant color choices


  • Releases potent chemical smell when in use


Hold N’ Storage offers a competitive price for its durable ironing board cover. The affordable price ranges from $13.59 to $13.29, depending on the color.

6. SheeChung Extra Wide Ironing Board Cover

Are you looking for a cover to fit your plus-sized board? SheeChung’s triple-layered sheet is an excellent choice to provide what you need—speaking of size and quality.

The cover can fit boards as long as 49 inches and as wide as 18 inches!

You’ll also appreciate the premium triple-layered construction. These layers feature a silicone-coated foam surface, two-millimeter inner foam, and four millimeters of felt pad for heat protection.


  • Stain-resistant with soil release feature
  • Heavy-duty, waterproof and heat-resistant material
  • Secure fit with an elasticized skirt and bungee cord drawstrings
  • Reflects heat and steam for seamless ironing


  • Not ideal for small-sized ironing boards
  • Not the thickest padding


Despite its quality and sizing, SheeChung’s Extra Wide Ironing Cover only costs $15.99. They also offer a bundle for $55.96 with a professional-grade steam iron.

7. Minky Homecare Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover

Are you prone to burning your outfits and board cover while pressing? Minky’s Homecare Smart Fit Ironing Cover might be what you’re looking for.

This board cover shines for its heat-reflective surface. It features a metallic board exterior that deflects heat to your clothes, resulting in faster crease-removal.

Unlike the covers above, Minky’s ironing board cover is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This variety of materials makes the fabric more versatile than most brands.


  • Smooth ironing surface with extra-thick felt pads
  • Quick and effortless fitting with elasticized edges
  • More affordable than other brands with similar thickness
  • Cut-to-fit for oversized and standard boards


  • Not as secure as other ironing board covers
  • It’s not machine washable


You can get the Minky Homecare Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover for $24.99. You can purchase it along with fasteners for $33.29.

8. Balffor Eco-Friendly Ironing Board Cover

Environmentally conscious individuals will appreciate Balffor’s board cover. Unlike its competitors, this ironing sheet doesn’t use AZO dyes, which are known for being toxic.

Still, being safe isn’t the only aspect Balffor’s board cover shines. It also offers top-notch performance to rival more expensive brands.

The cover is silicone treated, which means it resists heat, dirt, and stain—the whole package. And it boasts Balffor’s TriFusion technology for faster ironing sessions and crease-free outfits!


  • Secure ironing with a snug nose pocket 
  • Packaged with a heat-protecting mesh
  • REACH-certified AZO-free cotton
  • Easy cleaning in the washing machine


  • Not the thickest padding available


Balffor’s ironing board cover, mesh cloth, and fasteners come in a package of $29.99. 

9. Dalykate Ironing Board Cover and Pad

This ironing board cover from Dalykate combines quality and attractive design. It’s made from authentic cotton layered on top with a finish that’s scorch resistant.

Do you need thick padding to prevent metal skeleton marks on your outfits? No worries, Dalykate fitted an extra-thick foam pad for the best ironing sessions.

And the best part?

Purchasing the board cover comes with a protective mesh cloth. The sheet serves as additional protection against burns and scorches.


  • Secure ironing with premium elastic edge
  • Sewn-in foam and synthetic fiber padding
  • Can fit 13 to 15 inches wide and 52 to 54 long ironing boards
  • Perfect for heat and steam ironing


  • Wipe clean only
  • Not the smoothest ironing experience


Dalykate sells the board cover at a competitive price range, starting from $19.99 to $20.99. Specific price tags can vary on the color and design of your preference.

Tips For Choosing the Best Ironing Cover

Unsure of which brand to purchase? Here are three tips you should consider when buying your ironing board cover for the best ironing session.

Tip #1: Look for the Perfect Fit

Before you get excited and click that order button, make sure you know the dimensions of your ironing board.

Here’s how you do it.

Grab a measuring tape and measure the width and length of your ironing board by inches. Note the measurements and compare them with the product details.

Consider the shape of your ironing board as well. Some covers fit specific nose shapes, so you’ll want to know whether your board has a rounded, blunt, or tapered nose.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Fabric

Your choice of fabric can influence the quality of your ironing. As such, it’s always best practice to research different fabric types before purchasing.

Cotton is preferable for its cost-effectiveness and moisture-repellent properties. But poly cotton also offers several advantages you might prefer.

Extra thick padding plays an important role when picking a fabric as well. The thicker the fabric, the more heat it receives, which translates to better crease removal.

Metallic fabrics are excellent for quick ironing sessions. These covers have copper woven on the exterior to reflect heat, speeding up the ironing process.

Tip #3: Pick Useful Bonus Features

Some brands provide add-ons to go with ironing board covers. They may include padding, protective mesh, or additional fastening items.

These additional features offer practical benefits to improve your ironing. A protective mesh, for example, can prevent burns and shine marks on your outfit while securing the iron plate from metal components such as zippers.

Finally, when picking ironing board covers, don’t forget to consider your usage habits. Knowing this factor can make a huge difference in how long the product lasts in your hands.

Final Thoughts

Everyone can achieve a wrinkle-free ironing experience with the right ironing board cover. 

Whether you prefer Bartnelli’s durability, Balffor’s eco-friendliness, or Minky’s versatility, there’s always a perfect fit for your needs.

But don’t forget to consider the fabric, sizing, and bonus features to get the best ironing board cover for your individual needs. Do that, and you can say goodbye to your old, rickety ironing board cover for good!


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