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How To Iron Polyester: Tips For Getting The Wrinkles Out

Let me guess, you’ve been ignoring your wrinkled polyester shirt or blouse for months because you’re avoiding tackling the ironing and worried about burn marks? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And the good news is that you don’t have to suffer through the chore of ironing wrinkled polyester!  Polyester can be one of the most …

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Steam Iron Vs Dry Iron – Which Is The Better Buy?

When it comes to keeping your clothing items wrinkle-free, ironing is always the best way to go. But since there are different types of irons out there, finding the right iron can be a bit confusing, so which one should you go for? Steam Iron vs Dry Iron: Both steam and dry Irons have their advantages …

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6 Best Travel Irons 2023: Tested in Time For Your Next Trip

Whether you’re flying on a quick business trip or a leisurely vacation, there’s nothing worse than finding there’s no iron or ironing board supplied in your hotel rooms.  Going around with wrinkled clothes for your entire trip just won’t do, and that’s where portable travel irons hop in for the rescue! So, if you’re looking …

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9 Best Ironing Board Covers for 2023: Press with Confidence

Ironing boards and covers are household essentials. We use them multiple times a week, if not every day. So, it’s a must to choose the best cover for your ironing board in order to make the experience a little more, shall we say, tolerable!  If you’re struggling to get your outfits smooth and wrinkle-free because …